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A small, fast defect database for your software projects.

Helps you tracking Bugs, Features and Todos that are part of every software project.

Its power is its simplicity, ease of use and its extremely small size.

 BugLister will interest you ...

  • if you want to start organizing defect reports, ideas, todos, requirements...
  • if you currently use a spreadsheet or wordprocessor to collect and organize defect reports.
  • if the tool you are using now is slow or cumbersome.
  • if you do not track defects yet.
  • if you can not or do not want to spend much money for a bugtracking tool.

 Suitable for ...

  • Small to medium sized teams, for up to 25 developers and team members.
  • Individuals

Quick Summary

  • Defect tracking utility
  • For MS-Windows
  • Low system requirements
  • Small, fast
  • Very easy to use
  • No server required
  • Runs without installation
  • email notifications
  • For teams up to 25
  • For individuals


For my purpose BugLister is just right. No cumbersome installation procedure, no hundreds of thousand configuration settings. R. Weinmann, Switzerland

High user acceptance because of its speed and ease of use. Very low costs for purchase, administration and operation. Read more...

Intuitive user interface, very short response times, easy installation, email notification, defect attachments, two predefined workflows, MS-Office integration, filters. Read more...

Pentium II or higher
32 MB RAM or higher
Windows 98 / ME / XP Home - or -
Windows NT4 with SP3 / 2000 / XP Pro
1 MB free space on the harddrive

New !! BugLister in japanese. Please visit

BugLister v 1.8 build 108
for Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP

US, Canada and internationally: $ 39.95 / € 34.44
Inside the European Union: € 40.98 (includes 19% VAT).

Immediately after your purchase you will receive an email with a licence key to unlock the program.

Try it out now: download the free trial version and evaluate BugLister for up to 30 days.

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