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Small, fast and simple bug tracking tool
for MS-Windows. From Lit Window Productions.


Raising funds to further develop the Lit Window Library

Please support this project!

Donate money...

... to support this project! Every dollar counts.

Over 8000 people have visited the website in three weeks. If everyone donated as little as 5 Dollar, funding would already be secured for one whole development year!

Please donate money now to secure development!

Invest money...

... for a great return of investment!

Investing as little as $50 can save you several $1000 of development time for your future GUI development projects.

If you invest money now to secure the development of the library, version 1.0 will be ready within a year.

How to contribute money...

Donating or investing money is easy and secure. This project uses the SourceForge donation system, which is handled by PayPal.

  1. Click on this button
  2. Choose the amount you want to contribute.
  3. Enter your credit card number.
  4. Thank you!

That’s it, you are done. Your name will be shown as a contributor to the project, if you desire.

If your company wants to make a tax-deductable investment in the library, please contact me directly. You can hire me to work on the library and will get a normal invoice for the amount of money.

What happens with your money...

Every dollar will be invested directly into the development of the Lit Window Library and pay for the time I spend to design, implement, support and promote the library. I am an independent software developer with 20 years experience in the field and earn a living with software development contract work and consulting and the products on this website. All of this takes away time from the Lit Window Library development.

For every dollar I get through the fund raising campaign I can reduce the amount of time I have to spent on contract work and concentrate on developing the Lit Window Library instead.

How can you influence the development...

Your opinion counts! I would like to hear from you. Please join the mailing lists and share your ideas and requirements.

Also there will be polls and test versions where you can make yourself heard.

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