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6-March-2008: wxVisualSetup2 Release Candidate

The Lit Window Library is a new way to write UI code,
saving up to 90% of the usual time and source code.

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What it is...

  • C++ library
  • Rules (predicate, constraints) based programming to code UI behaviour with integrated constraints solver
  • Advanced databinding
  • Library of reusable UI design patterns

What it is not...

  • A RAD (GUI design) tool
  • An application (source code) generator
  • A components library
  • A theoretical concept

Documentation and articles

more articles...


  • Open Source hosted by SourceForge
  • Free for hobby or commercial use
  • First public release: 15-Oct-2004
  • Written in C++, platform and compiler independent (help with porting needed!)

Current requirements:

  • UI Framework: wxWidgets 2.4 or 2.5
  • Compiler: MS-Visual Studio C++ 6 or .NET
  • MS-Windows 98 or above



Help wanted...

  • Linux automake/autoconf expert to create makefiles - or -
  • CMake or BJAM or any other good build system for cross platform project needed.

If you have got any experience in this area and want to help out, please leave a message on the litwindow-users mailing list.

Please support this project. Become an investor!

To support this project please
donate money via SourceForge, contribute or
buy wxVisualSetup for MS Visual Studio .NET!


Intellisense for wxWidgets and MS Visual Studio .NET

And not just Intellisense: wxVisualSetup includes Integrated wxWidgets Help, a Project Wizard, Intellisense, Dynamic Help and Tips & Tricks for wxWidgets and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and Visual Studio .NET 2003

$ 39.95 / € 34.44

or perhaps you need a fast and easy bug tracking tool?

Your feedback

If you have comments, suggestions, questions, please use the litwindow-users mailing list to leave feedback. Your feedback is very welcome.

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