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Small, fast and simple bug tracking tool
for MS-Windows. From Lit Window Productions.


Bug tracking charts and reports

Like everything else in BugLister, charts and reports were designed for simplicity. Rather than implementing its own reporting features - which would bloat the program and make it more expensive - BugLister relies on MS-Excel or similar programs to create charts and reports.

Your benefits:

  • Open reports with two mouse clicks - from within BugLister
  • Print, Mail, Save or Change your reports like any other document
  • Use the tools you already know to create custom reports
  • The BugLister program itself remains small and lean

1. Select a view and filter.

The filter you select also applies to the reports.

If you want to create a summary report only for defects assigned to you, simply filter the list with the ‘My defects’ button.

If you need a report for all defects in the database, deactivate the filter.


2. Select a report from the menu.

All reports are available under BugLister’s ‘Reports’ menu item. You can add custom reports to the menu.





3. Work with your MS-Excel sheet....

The MS-Excel sheet opens without further intervention.

With automatic refresh enabled, the sheet will contain the data you have selected in Step 1 above.

This is a true MS-Exel document so you can

  • Print it
  • Mail it
  • Save it
  • Change it

just like any other document.


4. Change it and save it as a template for your own reports.

Use the tools you know to change the report.

If you need a different chart type, simply use the MS-Excel tools to change the report the way you want.

You can overwrite the predefined report with the new one...

Or save it under a different file name as a new report.




5. Use your own reports like predefined reports - from within BugLister.

The MS-Office integration combines the best of both worlds: BugListers ease of use and simplicity with the powerful charting functionality of MS-Excel. With just one or two mouse clicks








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