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Small, fast and simple bug tracking tool
for MS-Windows. From Lit Window Productions.


BugLister feature list

  1. 800kB installer with uninstall support.
  2. Installer is optional, you can simply copy BugLister.exe anywhere and run it directly.
  3. No additional runtime libraries neccessary.
  4. Runs on Windows 98 or above.
  1. Templates reduce typing
  2. Drag&Drop files as attachments
  3. Use hotkeys to create new entries
  1. Predefined filters and views
  2. Create custom filters using SQL
  3. Create custom views
  4. Autofilter: filter data with a few keystrokes
  5. very short response time
  1. Pentium II or higher
  2. 32 MB RAM or higher
  3. Windows 98 / ME / XP Home - or -
  4. Windows NT4 with SP3 / 2000 / XP Pro
  5. 1 MB free space on the harddrive
  1. Two predefined workflows for small and large teams
  2. email notification
  3. Run the program from any computer on the network immediately - no installation neccessary
  1. MS-Office integration
  2. Predefined MS-Excel reports accessible from within the program
  3. Defect status history with comments
  4. Simple history for all fields
  5. Use MS-Excel or MS-Word to create your own reports
  1. Textfiles TXT
  2. Comma separated CSV
  3. XML
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