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Small, fast and simple bug tracking tool
for MS-Windows. From Lit Window Productions.


BugLister: A small, fast bug tracker for your software projects.

    “For my purpose BugLister is just right. No cumbersome installation procedure, no hundreds of thousand configuration settings”
    (R. Weinmann, Innovation Process Technology Inc., Schweiz)

Use BugLister to track and organize bugs, features, todos and other items in your project.

BugLister will interest you ...

  • if you currently use a spreadsheet or wordprocessor to collect and organize defect reports.
  • if the tool you are using now is slow or cumbersome.
  • if you do not track defects yet.
  • if you can not or do not want to spend much money for a bugtracking tool.

BugLister is almost as simple as a ballpen: Click and start writing.

Filter (1) the list of defects with predefined filters or define your own filters and views using SQL commands.

Get an overview using the list (2). Select the entry you want to work with.

Use the form (3) to look at and edit the selected entry.

Look at BugLister’s featurelist, if you want to know more.

The filterbar (1)  

BugLister’s filters and views help you to find relevant entries fast.

Use views to reuse a particular sort- and column order. Create new views only for yourself or for everyone on your team.

Get answers with predefined filters to the most common questions such as:

  • What defects are currently open?
  • What are the defects I am in charge of?
  • What ‘Todo’ items have been assigned to me?
  • What entries did not change for more than a month?
  • What defects have been fixed?

Use the database language SQL to create your own filters and save them either for yourself or for your everyone on your team.

Switch filters and views very fast using the combo boxes in the filterbar.

The defectlist (2)

This list shows all entries that match the current filter. And it’s fast!

Even on an older notebook over a slow 10MBit ethernet connection changing a filter or a view for a list of 1000 entries does not take longer than about 2 seconds.

The defectform (3)

This is where you can edit the entry you selected in the defectlist.

If you are finished editing, save the entry with Ctrl-S. Or simply select another one. Use F8 to select the next entry in the list - without losing the input focus. You do not have to touch the mouse to continue  editing.

If you want to browse through the entries keep the F8 key pressed. BugLister browses through the list - fast!.


BugLister has many more features. Systray, autoclose, autocompact, notifications. Read the feature list or install the test version and try BugLister for yourself.

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