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6-March-2008: wxVisualSetup2 Release Candidate


$ 39.95 / € 34.44*

wxVisualSetup integrates the wxWidgets classlibrary into the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET product line. It contains a Project Wizard, Intellisense, Online Help, Dynamic Help and Settings from the Tips & Tricks page of this site.

Requires wxWidgets 2.4 or 2.6 and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Standard, Professional or Enterprise


$ 39.95 / € 34.44*

free download

BugLister is a small, leightweight utility to track bugs. It is simple to set up, easy to use and runs very fast.

Requires Windows 98 or higher.

(*) Orders from the EU: Sales tax not included. Please add 19% VAT.

Microsoft Visual Studio is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corp.
wxWidgets is a trademark of wxWidgets community
wxVisualSetup is a trademark of Lit Window Productions

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