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Installation procedure

After you have downloaded the wxVisualSetup installer, please follow these steps to set everything up.

Before you run the installer

wxVisualSetup needs to know the path to your wxWidgets installation. This path must be set in an environment variable called WXWIN. Before you run the installer, you must set this variable.

To do so, right-click on ‘My Computer’ on your desktop and select ‘Properties’ from the menu. Then select the tab ‘Advanced’ and open the environment variables tab. Create a new environment variable named WXWIN and enter the path to your wxWidgets installation.

Note: Due to a limitation in the installer, please create WXWIN as a ’USER’ rather than a ‘system’ environment variable.

Consult your Windows Operating System help file to read more about environment variables.

Running the installer

Double click on the installer exe file. The installer will ask you for a temporary path where the MSI (Windows installer package) will be extracted. Once this is finished, the windows installer will start the actual installation process. You will be prompted for your user information and the serial number, which you have received with your purchase.

The installation can take a while, especially when you are using Visual Studio .NET 2003. To shorten the wait, the installer will open a readme file which you can read while the installation finishes.

First steps

Follow the description in the readme file to get started.


If you encounter difficulties during the installation, write to

    support @

or leave a message on the website here.

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