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Fast, easy dialog editing and code generation with Anthemionís Dialog Editor for wxWidgets...

Project Wizard

wxVisualSetup enables projects.

Creating a new project for wxWidgets is tiresome. So many settings to remember and if you make a mistake, youíll get weird linker errors - if the project compiles at all.

The wxVisualSetup Wizard creates a new wxWidgets project with only a few mouse clicks.

Create a small GUI application with a frame window, menu and message box in only a few seconds.

The project wizard creates code that detects the wxWidgets version you are using and automatically links the correct libraries.

wxVisualSetup Project Wizard sets up

  • A small, single frame wxWidgets application
  • Version resource
  • Windows XP manifest
  • Program and frame icon
  • Precompiled headers
  • Debug Memory Management


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